Storytellers – Hello Sailors

The Storytellers has a great record of very large attendance over the years particularly for the November meetings. Perhaps it’s due to being the last meeting for the year, summer nearly upon us, thoughts turning to the Summer of Fun or just plain wonderful storytellers):

2011 – Forbes (& Ursula) Carlile – “Sydney – Cradle of Australian Swimming”
2012 – John Coates – The Olympic Family
2013 – Ian Heads and Gary Lester – BBC Centenary Book
2013 – Jimmy Arnold, Jenny Hole, Cathy Mackay, Karen Panaretto – The famous Manhattan Island swim (some 46kms) on 10th August 2013
2014 – Jon Attwater, Jack Stening – The Three Sieges of Malta, By the Turks in 1565, By the Axis Powers during WWII, By BBC swimmers in 2014
2015 – Lauren Elder – Surf Lifesaving in Vietnam
2015 – Jon Attwater – Pictorial journey of Sicily
2016 – Lucas Webb – Film Industry
2016 – Jon Henricks – Gold Medals & Lane 4

As the convenor there is nothing better to wrap-up a year of stories than with a full house which is exactly what happened at the November 2017 meeting. We knew we were in for a big night when about 40 members and friends arrived for the pre-meeting BYO BBQ. As the top room started to fill there was much scrambling to bring up extra chairs from downstairs. In the end it was standing room only with over one hundred people in attendance keen to learn more about popular club identities Louise Stevenson and Doug Sturrock as they were interviewed by Kieran “Parkinson” Kelly. The focus was on their yachting backgrounds, achievements and stories which under normal circumstances they would be too modest to tell. Continue reading

Attention all Photographers and Happy Snappers

We are running a photographic competition at the club to capture your image of the beautiful place where the club has the privilege of being situated. Join in a fun photo competition at the club with the theme “My Balmoral”

Three categories available

  • Category 1 – Portrait format (i.e longest side is vertical) – to be selected on the basis of the best photo for use on a BBC swimming costume and is based on the theme “My Balmoral”,
  • Category 2 – Landscape or portrait format– DSLR (Digital SLR)- to be selected on the most visually appealing and technically accomplished photograph that shows the best interpretation of the theme “My Balmoral”
  • Category 3 – Landscape or portrait format – smart phone or ipad/tablet – to be selected on the most visually appealing and technically accomplished photograph that shows the best interpretation of the theme “My Balmoral”

Entries open on 1st January 2018 and close 28th February.

A selection of entries from category 2 and 3 – judged as best by the judging committee will be on display from 15 March 2018 in the club room for a people choice competition, running from 15 March to 30 March.

Winning photographs will be on display in the club top room from 8 April 2018

Email email me to register interest. For information and conditions of entry see this link.

Open to all Balmoral Beach Club members

Summer of Fun 2017 – 18

Full Program – Download PDF Poster

Golf Day – Download PDF Poster



Health & Fitness Q & A – Tuesday 26th December 8:30am – The Health & Fitness breakfast is always popular at the Summer of Fun for those wanting to improve their lifestyle, swim style and fitness. This year is a special Q & A session with our expert panel. Allan Bolton, Charm Frend and Alison Maunder ….

Bring along your own questions. Here are some questions already being posed.

For Allan – Strength & Fitness
“I usually do Blah! Blah! Blah! as my exercise routine. Is this enough?”
“Does High Intensity Training really work?”

For Charm – Swim training and technique
“Everyone says you have to get your backside up when swimming. How do I do this without jammers or a wet suit?”
“Everyone says it is what you do under the water that really counts when trying to improve your speed. So what does Damon Pal do that I don’t? He goes to quick for me to see what he is up to.”

For Alison – Health & Nutrition
“What do I need to eat to ward off Alzheimer’s?”
“What does Superman eat?”
“Do protein supplements provide any real benefit?”

All Members and friend are welcome.

Children’s Day – Sunday 31St Decemeber 8:30am – The Children’s Day is always popular. There are three great events for children ages 4-10 or a bit older plus grandparents reliving their childhood….

1. The grandparent, parent, surrogate parent/child relay. This is a swim relay around a 150 metre triangular course with children doing the first leg and the older generation bringing it home – so to speak.

2. Run – swim – run race for the children

3. Water Polo – voted best event from the 2016 Summer of Fun

Wine Tasting – Friday 29th December 4:00pm – This is the most popular extra curricular event at the Summer of Fun. For those wanting to improve their knowledge of wine beyond knowing the difference between red and white this is a must attend session with our new resident expert Greg MacKay. Born and bred in the wine country of South Australia, wine runs in his veins ….

Test your skills on blind tastings and learn a few facts to stun your dinner guests with at your next Sunday lunch.

After the wine tasting it is “Show me the Money!” Put your poker skills to the test at the Poker night. A big success last year particularly among the younger members and this year will be even bigger. Last years winner Pauline Nolan having been banned at Crown Casino will be back to defend her title.

Storytellers – ‘Disturbing the Dust’ Father Tony Herbert & Garry O’Sullivan

At the October meeting we had a very special guest presenter, Garry O’Sullivan’s cousin Father Tony Herbert S.J. Tony is 10 years Garry’s senior and has lived and worked in India since 1965

Tony recently launched his book “Disturbing the Dust – Notes from the Margins”, his story about living in India’s Hazaribag Province for more than five decades, and since 1980 working amongst India’s disenfranchised Dalit people. As a social activist he has advocated for the Dalits in criminal, educational, health and land rights disputes, and exploitation by coal mining and logging companies.

Garry shared the stage with Tony as interviewer with some video/photo material from his three visits with Tony. Tony told a few of his many personal anecdotes from his village experiences, which preface most chapters of the book. Particularly amusing were a couple of stories when Tony started to act as an intermediary between the Dalits and the local magistrates on some long standing charges. The defence lawyer for the Dalits had no confidence at all that the magistrates would rule in their favour, but unbeknown to the lawyer Tony was working behind the scenes and justice was served!

It was enlightening how Tony didn’t attempt to change the ‘untouchables’ ways and convert them but rather found a way to understand their way of life.

Some extracts of Tony’s book follow: Continue reading