Balmoral Beach Club photographed from the sand

The Balmoral Beach Club (“BBC”) is situated on the edge of Edwards Beach, the northernmost of the two beaches which make up Balmoral on Sydney Harbour. Established in 1914, the Club has links with the Artists’ Camps, romantic establishments which were a feature of Balmoral in the late 19th century. The present Beach Club is built on the site of one of these camps, the Euroka. A number of young Mosman men, who called themselves “The Smugglers”, used to meet at the site of the old Euroka Camp and swim in the Harbour. When they decided to form a social and swimming club, a meeting was held at Mosman Town Hall on 12 February 1914 and the BBC was established. A simple wooden building was erected as a clubhouse and opened on 24 January 1915. Two small tram cars were purchased and used as change rooms for children. A brick two storey Clubhouse, built in 1928, was replaced in 1999 by the present building. The dining room on the upper floor has one of Sydney’s finest views out through the Heads of Sydney Harbour and is a popular venue for BBC functions including many wedding celebrations.

Today the Club is very successful with approximately 2000 members and a waiting list. Its swimming races and social events are well supported and the members spirit and camaraderie within the BBC are very good. In its early days, however, it suffered hard times. During the Depression years of the 1930s, its membership dropped to less than 300 and the BBC was forced to pay tram and ferry fares for its swimmers competing in carnivals in Sydney as so many were unemployed. More…