A Cappella at the Club update

Our first session of A Cappella was great fun and we even managed to sing in 4 part. Even a little light rain couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm!  It really did not matter how experienced you were, some could read music but most could not and we still all managed to sing along.


Many  thanks to Janet for lending her expertise and help to guide us all and for making it such fun.

Now for some logistics. We decided to change the nights to be the 2nd and the 4th Thursday of the month however this will depend whether the Top room is available. Some variations to the rule are:

  •   October when it will be 16th and 30th
  •  Nov 6th instead of  13th
  •  Dec only on 11th (25th December I am sure we will all be busy)
  •  Feb 5th instead of 12th

Will keep you posted of any other changes

So next month A Cappella is the 16th and 30th October.

Email email me if you want to know more.

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