Balmoral Beach Club photographed from the sand

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Balmoral Beach Club Mission, Values and Constitution

Balmoral Beach Club Vision Statement

Through sporting and associated activities the BBC strives to inspire vitality and cultivate friendships.

Balmoral Beach Club values

The values of the Balmoral Beach Club are:

  • Heritage – we value and respect our heritage and culture ,which gives us perspective for the future.
  • Friendship – We are welcoming, inclusive and egalitarian, and the club is a great source of camaraderie for members.
  • Vitality – We embrace diverse activities, participation and the commitment of members and their families to create the spirit of the club.
  • Pride in Place – Our unique location is an inspiration to our members.
  • Community Engaged – We are engaged with and contribute to our local community.

Balmoral Beach Club Constitution Desk & Lap tops | Tablets & Phones

Contact Information

  • Club Administration:
  • Graham Brown |
  • 02 99698429, Option 1
  • Club Secretary:
  • Garry O’Sullivan |
  • 02 99698429, Option 2
  • Club Security:
  • 02 8002 8036
  • Club Caterer:
  • Ben Carden |
  • email me |
  • 0431727046
  • Postal Address:
  • PO Box 82, Spit Junction 2088
  • Club location:
  • 6 The Esplanade, Balmoral Beach 2088 |
  • 99698429
  • Repairs & maintenance:
  • Clubs facilities/security issues
  • email me
  • Use of Club: Information/suggestions for Club social functions
  • email me
  • Web master: Problems with Balmoral Beach Club website
  • email me


Outside areas

There are two open areas with barbecues and sturdy tables and seats. The upstairs area has one barbecue and is partially roofed for shade in summer. This cover is louvred and can be opened for winter comfort.The downstairs area has two barbecues. There is a kitchen for the use of members which has a large fridge and a hot water urn for tea and coffee. This area is also partially covered with a manoeuverable pergola.Club Room and BBQ areasThese areas are not available for group bookings. They must be freely available to Members and their guests at all times.Members are permitted to bring 4 guests to these areas.

If the total number of members and guests in any group is expected to exceed 10, prior permission must be obtained from the Club Security.

Visitors’ fees (see Membership Fees tab below on this page) are charged per adult and for each child under the age of 18 years. Visitors’ fees will be added to your annual subscriptions.

Top Room

The Top Room is the only area available for exclusive use bookings. It can comfortably provide dining for approximately 60 people.

No bands, mobydiscs, disc jockeys, amplified music and the like are allowed. Music can be provided to the Top Room by the in-house audio system. Small orchestras may be permitted provided that maximum noise levels do not exceed those permitted by Mosman Council.

Bookings will not be accepted for:

  • Children’s parties, school functions/parties;
  • Business functions/training sessions; and
  • Regular functions such as Rotary, Lions etc.

Bookings in the first instance must be made through the Club Caterer.

Members will be required to meet the “Confirmation of Function Bookings” conditions.

Saturday & Sunday breakfast and brunch

No reservation is required for either Saturday or Sunday breakfast in the Top Room.

Members may invite up to 4 guests to Breakfast or Brunch.

Brunch is held on the first Sunday of each month. Bookings are essential through the Caterer.

Dress rules apply, casual dress (trousers/shorts/skirt and shirt) and shoes, no swimming costumes or bare feet allowed. Please take particular care to ensure feet are sand free.

Club Rules

Members using the Club’s facilities are reminded that they must:

  • Accept responsibility for the behaviour of their children and guests and for the cost of repairing any damage to the Club’s premises, which may occur as a consequence of their use of these facilities.
  • Minimise all noise and ensure that the premises are vacated by 11pm in a manner that does not disturb the Club’s neighbours.
  • Not prop open any gate or door.
  • Ensure that the BBQ area is left clean and tidy and that the BBQ is clean after use and turned off. Place your rubbish and bottles in the appropriate waste bins provided.
  • Ensure that the Club’s total non-smoking rule is observed at all times.
  • Ensure that children under the age of 16 are kept under direct supervision of a parent or guardian at all times while on the Club premises and do not enter the change rooms unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. This is a child protection provision.
  • Children aged 6 years or older must not use opposite sex change rooms. There are large unisex toilets outside the top club room.
  • Not use or permit skateboards or razor scooters to be used within the Club’s premises. Bicycles, kayaks and other such equipment may not be left in the club unless prior approval is obtained
  • Not use the facilities for children’s parties, school parties or organised functions of any type except with the prior permission of the Club Security. Functions may be held only in the Club Top Room for which bookings must be made through the Club Caterer.
  • Not invite onto the premises more than four guests per member. Prior approval of the Club Security must be obtained if the total number of members and guests in any group is expected to exceed 10.
  • When leaving the Club Room close and lock the centre door. Should other Members be in attendance ask them to close when they leave.
  • Carry their Club badge when visiting the Club. The Board members will be actively asking to sight membership badges.
  • Animals are are not permitted anywhere on the Club premises.
  • Infringement of any of these rules by any Member may result in a request from the Board to show cause as to why they should remain a Member.

Other Information

Visitors’ fees are charged per adult and for each child under the age of 18 years. For further information on fees see the ‘Membership Fees’ on this page. Visitors’ fees will be added to your annual subscriptions.

In the interest of our finances and environmental issues, showers should be restricted to a reasonable length. Do not waste water.

The security code to the premises must not be passed on to a non-member. Many members have a concern for safety; particularly some of our lady members and these devices have been installed for that express reason.

Carry your membership badge at all times – you may be asked to produce it.

Nomination forms are available from the Club Admin Assistant should you wish to propose a new Member.

For more information see FAQ

How to Join Balmoral Beach Club

To join the Club you must be nominated and seconded by two current financial Members who themselves have been Members for a period not less than three (3) years.Membership is individual. There is no Family Membership.The categories of Membership available are:

  • Senior Members who shall be entitled to all privileges connected with the Club
  • Junior Members are aged 6 to 17 years

There are special categories once you have obtained your membership and these include.

  • Student Member / Young Adult Member:Junior members on turning 18 years will automatically become Young Adult Members. Young Adult Membership ceases on reaching 22 years of age. Young Adult Membership can be extended on application for those Young Adults undertaking their first qualification.
  • Absentee Membership

Nomination Applications

Applications are available by the Proposer only from the Club’s Admin Assistant. Call the club on Tuesdays or email email me for a form.
NB Applications will not be sent direct to an applicant.

A separate form must be completed for each applicant. The form is to be submitted to the Club’s Administration.

After receiving an offer of a membership to the club, new members must pay the joining fee, plus a subscription. If a new member is admitted in the first half of the clubs financial year, a whole years subscription is due. If the member is admitted in the second half of the club financial year 50% of the annual subscription is due.

New Member Induction & Orientation

Prior to acceptance of Membership, applicants and their proposers must attend a Club orientation meeting at which the Club’s aims, values, rules and activities will be explained.

This meeting is generally held in July each year.

Membership Fees

Fees inc.GST (at April 2020)
Entrance fee for ordinary members $1,715
Entrance fee for young adult $190
Entrance fee for children $155

Annual Subscriptions inc.GST (May to April)
Seniors $285
Student / Young Adult (18-22) $145
Junior (6-18) $115
Absentee (Senior) $90
Absentee (Young Adult) (18-22) $50
Absentee (Junior) $35

Visitors Fees
Adults $6.00
Children $3.50

Locker Fees
Annual $35

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