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John Bagnall can’t remember a time when he was not associated with the Balmoral Beach Club. The Club features in many of his earliest childhood memories. He was taught to swim in the famous Clem Morath School on the Club lawn, and then graduated to the rock pool. Since then he has always been a very active participant at the club. There are not many days that he not down at the Club for a swim. He was overall club champion seven times in the 1970s and 1980s, and athletics champion ten times during this period. He served as Club Captain from 1980 to 1985.
John likes to participate and volunteers to help with many things at the club, he is a member of the BBC Events Board and also on the Balmoral Swim committee and part of the Club a cappella choir that visits care homes in which some Club members reside.

Cathy has been a very active member since 2002. All three of her children were involved in nippers and Cathy was co-age manager for the years her daughter participated. She has been involved in the Balmoral Swim as an organizer of the School challenge. Cathy is a regular Sunday swimmer and can be found at the club many mornings of the week. Cathy has enormous respect for the heritage of the Club and thoroughly enjoyed her involvement in organising the centenary book launch cocktail party. As a member of the membership sub-committee, Cathy has gained an appreciation of the importance of ensuring new members understand the values that make the club the place we enjoy. She would like the opportunity to serve the Club on the Board.

Garry has been an active participant in the Clubs’ activities for almost 50 years, having joined after leaving school. Garry served on the Club’s Committee in the late ‘70s, before heading overseas to work. He is a regular morning swimmer and is a member of the Club’s IT Committee. For Garry, the Club has a very special character, worth preserving and developing – a welcoming, family-friendly club, blending a sporting orientation with the opportunity for a range of non-sporting activities. Garry’s professional background is in telecommunications, IT and supply chain management. He is actively involved in Scouting in the Mosman district.

Traicha Jandera joined the club in 2010 and in 2015 took over the running of the junior swimming program, which she greatly enjoys. She has seen all the participating children from age 4 to 14 improve immensely and gain confidence in the water.In 2016 Traicha became the club vice-captain working with Martin Quinn and Chris Webb (Athletics co-ordinator) as part of the Sports sub-committee.Traicha along with her husband Martin operate a Financial Planning and Accounting practice specialising in superannuation and self-managed super funds. As a Chartered Accountant, SMSF Auditor and Tax Agent, Traicha manages the compliance, accounting and audit areas of the business. Traicha started her career out of high school with KPMG as an undergraduate, whilst undertaking a Bachelor of Commerce and then the Professional Year. After 9 years with KPMG Traicha took a break and lived and worked in London to then return to Australia to continue her specialisation in super and self-managed funds, training and educating accountants and financial planners.

David is Chief General Manager of the Broker and Agency Division at Allianz Australia. Prior to this appointment in August 2014, David had been the Chief Financial Officer at Allianz Australia for the previous five years. David is a Chartered Accountant and has a MBA from Sydney University and is also a Director to a number of subsidiaries within the Allianz Australia Group.David and his wife Sara (who also organised the junior swim up to 2014) have been members since 2004 and their three children are also keen members. David enjoys the sense of community of the club and the camaraderie this brings. He looks to bring his financial acumen and skills to serving the Club and all its members’ interests.

Board Members

Andy joined the Club in 2003 and is an active participant in the swimming competitions. As a member, Andy continues to enjoy the terrific Club benefits including Club values, health and fitness, as well as relationships with members.As background, Andy owns and manages a risk consulting and insurance business.Andy has a Masters in Applied Finance from Macquarie University, is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand, and a member of The Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Julie has been a member of the club since 2009 and is a regular swimmer. She has also been a member of the BBC Events Board since its inception in 2015. Julie is currently the Managing Director of Goodman Fielder in Australia and a non Executive Director of Coca Cola Amatil. Julie enjoys getting involved and participating in Club activities and values the friendship she has with many of the members.

Karen has been a member of the Club since 2005, participating in the Nippers program, managing age groups with both of her 2 children for over 10 years. She worked in Sales and Marketing for ten years before launching her own Children’s Swimwear business. Karen is an active swimmer and participates in both the Saturday and Sunday events. She is always keen to get involved with community events and is part of the Balmoral Swim committee. She would like to serve the Club on the Board in the capacity of the role of Use of Club convener promoting the social functions and facilities of the Club.

Having grown up in a country town in Western NSW, I moved to Sydney and studied Chemical Engineering at the University of New South Wales. I have spent my career in the water and environmental sectors, initially in technical sales and then broader business roles. I lived in Asia and led businesses across South East Asia, India, Japan and Australia, focussing on water management, sustainability, health, hygiene, and also hazardous waste management. I have also built and operated manufacturing operations in a couple of countries. My aim is to bring a logical, problem-solving attitude and collaborative approach to supporting the BBC Board. I will leverage the excellent working relationships already established and hopefully support the Committee operationally, and from a broader business perspective.

Stephen has been a BBC Member since 1997, involved as a Nipper age manager for six seasons from 1998 whilst his children were small and since 2014, a member of The Finance Committee. He swims year round enjoying the great friendship and bonhomie of many club members. A Chartered Accountant who lives and works locally, Stephen finds that his morning swim regardless of the weather, and afterward, a hot shower and cup of tea a great start to any day.