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Members & visitor entitlements

Q: Who is a member?

A: Membership of the Club is at an individual level. This means that your husband, wife, partner or children (over 6 years) who are not in their own rights a member will be your guests and the conditions for visitors will apply to them.

Q: What are the rules for bringing guests?

A: Members may invite up to 4 non-members to be their guests at the Club at any one time. Non-members may not visit more than once a month or more than 6 times in any 12 month period. Visitors must be registered at the Main Entrance using a QR-code registration process. A smartphone with QR-code scanning capability is required There is no paper sign-in option. Members will be charged a fee per visitor. (see Membership/Visitor fees). Members are responsible for the behaviour of their guests, while on the Club premises.

Q: Are children who are not members classified as guests?

A: YES. Children of non-members who visit the club, no matter what age, are guests and must be registered at the Main Entrance using the QR-code registration process. Visitor fees apply.

Q: Can my partner/child who is not a member participate in the club activities like yoga, a cappella, bridge, book club, swimming races?

A: Partners and children are guests, unless they are members. If your partner/child is not a member then visitor rules apply, so they may not visit the club more than once a month or more than 6 times in a 12 month period. They can participate as long as they abide by these visitor rules and are registered and accompanied by a member.

Q: We want to have a group of 10+ at the club?

A: Any group of 10 or more (including children of any age, members and any guests) are required to contact Club Guest Services ( see Contacts) for prior approval. This is the case whether the group consists of members and guests or 10 members. We do this so we can manage space at the Club in busy times.

Q: I have someone from interstate/overseas coming to Sydney, am I restricted in how often they can come to the club?

A:  YES. Normal visitor rules apply, unless you request them to be granted Special Visitor status. To be eligible for Special Visitor status, they must not reside within one hundred kilometres of Sydney. The request will need to be approved by the Club Committee before they can use the Club. It is at the Committee’s discretion to grant Special Visitor status and there may be restrictions on their use of the Club. You will be required to pay a fee for the period of time they will have access to the Club. Email admin@balmoralbeachclub.com.au , if you would like to make a request and make sure you allow plenty of notice so that it can be considered at the monthly board meeting, normally second Tuesday of the month.

Q: Do the visitor conditions apply to Saturday and Sunday breakfast and functions booked in the Top Room?

A: Saturday and Sunday breakfasts are an exception. You may have up to four visitors but they do not need to be signed in. Dress rules apply in the Top Room. Visitor rules for functions booked in the Top room do not apply. Guests at a function may only use the Top Room and may not use the rest of the club. For more information on booking the Top Room see Functions/Top Room bookings.

Q: What are the dress rules for the Top Room?

A: Casual dress (trousers/shorts/skirt and shirt) and shoes are required. No swimming costumes or bare feet are allowed. Please also take particular care to ensure that shoes are sand free.

Q: If I want others in my family to become a member do they have to be put on the waiting list to join?

A: No, once their membership application/s are accepted by the Board and fees are paid, they can become a member.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of people I can sponsor in a year?

A: You can sponsor maximum of 10 people to join the club in any one year.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of members in the club?

A: The Club Board sets the limit of members for the club. The limit is currently set at 2300.

Children at the Club

Q: What age do children need to be signed in as visitors?

A: A child of a non-member must always be signed in as a visitor. When a member’s child reaches the age of 6 they need to be signed in if they are not a club member.

Q: Are there restrictions to children of the opposite sex using the change rooms?

A: There is an age limit for taking a child of the opposite sex into the change room. They must be under 6 and must always be accompanied by a responsible adult. As a curtesy to the people in the change room could you please ask before taking a child of the opposite sex into the change room and if anybody there prefers that you do not take them in wait till that person has left the change room.

Q: Are there other restrictions about children in the change rooms?

A: Any child of 16 or under needs to be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times in the change rooms.

Absentee Members

Q: Is there a category of membership if I am away from Sydney?

A: Absentee Membership is available to members that will need to be absent from Sydney for an unbroken period of at least 12 months. A member can only be on the absentee list for 5 years. While you are an absentee member you will not be eligible to vote at a General Meeting of the Club.

Q: How do I become an absentee member?

A: To become an absentee member you must apply in writing to the secretary. This request is reviewed by the Committee. Once your request has been approved you can become an absentee member.

Q: Can I use the club if I return for a visit to Sydney?

A: Absentee members are not entitled to use the club. If you do return to Sydney temporarily you will need to apply to the club for special consideration and will not be able to use the club unless this has been approved.

Q: What happens when I return to Sydney on a permanent basis?

A: When you return you will need to notify the Club that you have returned. The committee will review your request to be removed from the absentee list and if approved you will then be required to pay the full membership fee for the current year.

Use of Club Facilities

Q: When can members use the Club?

A: Members have the right to enter the Club anytime between around 5:30am until curfew at 11:00pm. Except for the Top Room which can be booked by members, all areas of the Club are open to members throughout those hours.

Members must act to minimise all noise and ensure that the premises are vacated by 11pm in a manner that does not disturb the club’s neighbours.

Q: How can I book the Top Room?

A:Members are able to check the availability of the Top Room here. Once you have established availability, you can make a booking as per directions provided.

Q: Booking fees are waived for a club event, what is the definition of a club event?

A: A club event is an event that is open to all club members and has been sanctioned by the Board as a club event.

Q: I have a interest that I think other club members would like to join in, can I organise a “Special Interest Group” and use club facilities?

A:Members are able to organise Special Interest groups (for example yoga, bridge). Any proposal needs to be reviewed and authorised by the Use of Club committee before proceeding. For further information see the BBC Guidelines for Special Interest Groups Desk & Lap tops | Tablets & Phones. Also see Interest Groups page.

Q: What are the options available and what are the charges for the Top Room?

A: See Functions page.

Q: Can I use the room where I am hosting a function for someone who is not a member of my family?

A: You are able to host such an event however you must be in attendance at all times and be responsible for the event. The booking can only be made in your name.

Q: Can I hold a children’s party at the Club?

A: Members can hold children’s parties at the Club with some restrictions. Parties are not permitted in the Top Room and may only be held on the deck above the bar-b-que area (this ensures that the Club Room and bar-b-que area are always available to all members at all times). Parties are limited to 3 hour duration. A booking must be made with Club Security.


Q: How can I get a locker allocated to me?

A:You need to send an email to admin@balmoralbeachclub.com.au with details of your membership number and requesting a locker. If there is no locker currently available you will be put onto a waiting list until one becomes available. There is an annual fee for a locker, look here under Membership Fees.

Q: If I become an absentee member can I retain my locker?

A: As lockers are generally in high demand members are not able to retain their locker if they become absentee members.

Club Safety

Q: What are the safety procedures for the club?

The Balmoral Beach Club is not a Surf Life Saving Club. Trained personnel who may be in attendance at club swimming and athletics events do not relieve members of their responsibility to assess that conditions are safe before participating. The Club expects that all participants will inform club officials of any health issues which may impact on their safety during BBC events.

A: See BBC Safety Plans below:

Premises – Desk & Lap tops | Tablets & Phones

Events (Swimming & Athletics) – Desk & Lap tops | Tablets & Phones

Nippers – Desk & Lap tops | Tablets & Phones

Q: What are the procedures to report any accidents or incidents that occur at the club?

A: You need to report the incident to the club secretary. The club secretary will determine whether a written report is required, and what/if any action is required (e.g. report to the Board or a report lodged with our Insurance Brokers in the case of a serious incident where there may be injury to person or property).

Club support for external events:

Q: Does the Club support external events that members want to participate in?

A: The Club will look at each proposal on its merits. The member who wants to organise a team from the Club must apply to the Board for this support. Support will be given only on the understanding that the Club will not be providing any insurance coverage unless the Board specifically states otherwise.

Q: Can teams that are going on external events use the Club logo?

A: The use of the logo requires prior Board approval and must conform to established guidelines. The logo can not be used in association with commercial advertising and a sample of how it will be used needs to be supplied to the Board for approval.

Q: How can I find the guidelines for use of the logo?

A: See BBC Guidelines for the use of the Balmoral Beach Club Logo
Desk & Lap tops | Tablets & Phones

Reciprocal Clubs

Q: Does the Club have a policy for reciprocal Clubs?

A: The Club does have a policy of having reciprocal clubs, The current Club that we have a reciprocal arrangement is The Olympic Club of San Francisco.

Q: What are the facilities provided by the Olympic Club of San Francisco and what do I need to do to use them ?

A: The Olympic Club is the oldest athletic club of the United States. Its rich heritage of sporting achievements and proud history have made the Olympic Club a time honored San Francisco tradition and one of the finest athletic clubs in the country. For information on their facilities visit their website at www.olyclub.com.

Members wishing to avail themselves of these facilities, whilst visiting the USA, are required to obtain a letter of introduction. This can be obtained on application to the Honorary Secretary.

Q: If I want to suggest a reciprocal Club how can I do that?

A: Any suggestions for reciprocal clubs should be referred to the Board so they can be considered within the agreed guidelines. If approved it will be taken up by the board with the relevant Club.

Visitors swimming in Club races

Q: Are visitors allowed to swim in the Club races?

A: Yes. A visitor must register their intention to swim at the registration table in the front room 15 minutes prior to the start of the swim. They must be accompanied by a member and be checked-in by the member at the Main Entrance, using the Club QR code panel. Normal visitor rules apply.


Q: Where can I found out about the club archive policies?

A: See BBC Archives Policies November 2009 – Desk & Lap tops | Tablets & Phones