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Storytellers – Hello Sailors

The Storytellers has a great record of very large attendance over the years particularly for the November meetings. Perhaps it’s due to being the last meeting for the year, summer nearly upon us, thoughts turning to the Summer of Fun or just plain wonderful storytellers):

2011 – Forbes (& Ursula) Carlile – “Sydney – Cradle of Australian Swimming”
2012 – John Coates – The Olympic Family
2013 – Ian Heads and Gary Lester – BBC Centenary Book
2013 – Jimmy Arnold, Jenny Hole, Cathy Mackay, Karen Panaretto – The famous Manhattan Island swim (some 46kms) on 10th August 2013
2014 – Jon Attwater, Jack Stening – The Three Sieges of Malta, By the Turks in 1565, By the Axis Powers during WWII, By BBC swimmers in 2014
2015 – Lauren Elder – Surf Lifesaving in Vietnam
2015 – Jon Attwater – Pictorial journey of Sicily
2016 – Lucas Webb – Film Industry
2016 – Jon Henricks – Gold Medals & Lane 4

As the convenor there is nothing better to wrap-up a year of stories than with a full house which is exactly what happened at the November 2017 meeting. We knew we were in for a big night when about 40 members and friends arrived for the pre-meeting BYO BBQ. As the top room started to fill there was much scrambling to bring up extra chairs from downstairs. In the end it was standing room only with over one hundred people in attendance keen to learn more about popular club identities Louise Stevenson and Doug Sturrock as they were interviewed by Kieran “Parkinson” Kelly. The focus was on their yachting backgrounds, achievements and stories which under normal circumstances they would be too modest to tell. Continue reading

Storytellers – ‘Disturbing the Dust’ Father Tony Herbert & Garry O’Sullivan

At the October meeting we had a very special guest presenter, Garry O’Sullivan’s cousin Father Tony Herbert S.J. Tony is 10 years Garry’s senior and has lived and worked in India since 1965

Tony recently launched his book “Disturbing the Dust – Notes from the Margins”, his story about living in India’s Hazaribag Province for more than five decades, and since 1980 working amongst India’s disenfranchised Dalit people. As a social activist he has advocated for the Dalits in criminal, educational, health and land rights disputes, and exploitation by coal mining and logging companies.

Garry shared the stage with Tony as interviewer with some video/photo material from his three visits with Tony. Tony told a few of his many personal anecdotes from his village experiences, which preface most chapters of the book. Particularly amusing were a couple of stories when Tony started to act as an intermediary between the Dalits and the local magistrates on some long standing charges. The defence lawyer for the Dalits had no confidence at all that the magistrates would rule in their favour, but unbeknown to the lawyer Tony was working behind the scenes and justice was served!

It was enlightening how Tony didn’t attempt to change the ‘untouchables’ ways and convert them but rather found a way to understand their way of life.

Some extracts of Tony’s book follow: Continue reading

Storytellers – 21st November commencing at 7:30 pm

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Club identities Louise Stevenson and Doug Sturrock will be interviewed about their life-time passion for yachting and their many sailing exploits. This will be followed by the premiere of “The Girl in the Blue Helmet,” a 12-minute adventure movie featuring a popular BBC member, who is also an outstanding athlete.

It is the last meeting for the year and promises to be something special so be there early. If the weather is good and the BBQ area is operational then come for a drink, feed and chat beforehand, usually starting at 6pm.
All Members and friend are welcome.


Storytellers – Dolphin Adventures

Our ‘storyteller’ for the evening was Olivia de Bergerac. Olivia who has been a BBC member for 10 years shared some of her life adventures with dolphins, and told us a little about her books and her TV documentaries.

Olivia de Bergerac was born in France and grew up on the French Riviera (Antibes). The ocean has always played a part in her life with a Cousteau Diver as a big brother. With a PhD in Literature and Psychology and a Master in Business Administration (MBA), she is a Neuroscientist, a Life Coach and was instrumental in developing a sustainable Harbour Management plan for the return of dolphins to Sydney Harbour. Olivia has worked as a Management Consultant and as a Business Coach. She has worked with leading organisations on Total Quality Management, Team Building and Stress Management Programs. Her main clients included: The Australian Navy, the Australian Army, the CPA group, Macquarie Bank and Bonds to name a few. Tres impressive!!
And there’s more … Olivia is often invited to participate to conferences around the world. In the past, she has been invited to conferences in France, Germany, Egypt and Japan….and of course the highlight for her (and us) was to present at the BBC Storytellers!!!

Olivia spoke about her passion for dolphins and the studies she has conducted. She also interspersed her talk with some video footage. The first was of Bob Carr, then NSW Premier, announcing to the World on how Sydney Harbour would be cleaned up in the lead up to the 2000 Olympics. Olivia was very instrumental in talking to the powerbrokers in the State to agree to a “Dolphins in Our Harbour Conference” opened by Bob Carr with 70 participants: politicians, scientists and businesses seeking a strategic vision for an ecologically sustainable harbour management scheme. A wonderful initiative and of course it worked with the BBC members being significant beneficiaries. Continue reading

Storytellers – The Camino pilgrimage trail by Ron, Phillipe and David

BBC Members Ron Crause, Philippe Xavier and David Sumner gave a well prepared and enjoyable talk on the CAMINO. The Camino pilgrimage trail to Santiago de Compostella in Galicia, Spain is the most famous and popular trail walked or cycled in the world. There are many starting points to this trail from Ireland, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc. There are also many reasons why pilgrims undertake the very beautiful, arduous and long journey. In many ways it is also a culinary cultural experience.

Ron started by providing lots of background on the historical aspects of the walk and how it became so popular. He also explained the many ways to take part, on foot or bicycle, and the different stages and planning involved. Philippe (his first Storytellers evening) and David then spoke about their experiences and walked us through some wonderful photographs of ‘life on the trail’.

Ron, Philippe and David gave a fun, fast paced talk and between themselves covered most things a prospective pilgrim (like Denise) would want to know; the Camino Passport, Certificate of Welcome, the Markings, choosing the right route, food on the Camino, accommodation options and traps, preparation, and the importance of caring for your feet!

20 Camino de Santiago Facts

  1. Camino de Santiago means Way of St James and refers to the routes leading to Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia.
  2. Santiago de Compostela means St James of the field of stars.
  3. There are many Camino de Santiago routes, starting in France, Portugal and Spain.
  4. Pilgrims used to start their ‘Camino’ from their own homes.
  5. Continue reading