Club Visitor Rules


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Effective from 19th February 2021, we have introduced  new arrangements  for the admission of visitors to the Club and for service by Function 8 in the Top Room.

The new arrangements are intended to improve our ability to record visitor information to meet our obligations under the Club Constitution and the current COVID contact recording regulations and to improve the equity and simplicity of visitor arrangements. They are in line with the Club Constitution.

By written agreement with NSW Health, we are NOT using  the Service NSW QR system for Club visitor check-in, as we have no access to data captured with that application. We need to record visitor information, to meet our obligations under the Club Constitution and for good governance. The QR system we use has been developed by our own IT team and we hold the data captured securely. It can be made available to NSW Health in the timeframe required.

We have replaced the paper Visitors Book with electronic visitor registration, as follows:

  • Every visitor, regardless of age, must be recorded at the Main Entrance to the Club (the southern street door entrance), using the Club-specific QR Code Check-In panel, selecting the “Visitor” option.(This is NOT the Service NSW app)
  • Junior members without their own PIN must be checked in at the Club Main Entrance, selecting the “Junior Member” option. A member’s child, who is under 6 years old, must be checked in at the Club Main Entrance, selecting the “Member’s Child Under 6yrs” option. All other non-members are to be recorded as visitors, regardless of age.
  • Function 8 Catering, the Club caterer, is obliged to use the Service NSW QR App to record every person, including members, being served in the Top Room, so you will need to check-in again for Function 8. This is in addition to checking in to the Club  by PIN/fob/wristband, or as a visitor by Club QR check-in at the Main Entrance.
  • The Club Constitution sets out  the number of visitors per member on any day and the number of times a non-member may be a visitor to the Club in a 12 month period. These limits apply to all areas of the Club, including Top Room breakfast. Read the Visitor Rules below for details.

RULES FOR VISITORS TO THE CLUB (pursuant to Clause 15 of the Club Constitution) 

  1. Every person, of any age, brought to the Club as a casual visitor must check in, in the presence of the hosting member, using the Club’s QR-Check-In, inside the Main Entrance door, using the “Visitor” option [This can be done on any smartphone, but It is NOT the Service NSW QR App.] [This replaces the previous Visitors Book
  2. All visitors will incur a visitor fee for the hosting member, regardless of the age of the visitor and the facilities of the Club being used. This will be billed to the member or included in the private function booking fee, as appropriate.
  3. No person, without the consent of the Committee, may be introduced as a visitor more than once in any month or more than six times in any period of twelve months. This rule applies to all areas of the Club.
  4. No Senior or Young Adult Member may introduce more than four visitors at any one time, without the prior consent of the Secretary, or in his/her absence, another member of the Committee. Such consent will only be granted in special circumstances (such as the holding of a private function).
  5. Junior Members may not bring visitors to the Club.
  6. The Member introducing the visitor is responsible for the conduct and general behaviour of the visitor, while on the Club premises. Visitors may only remain at the Club for the duration of the hosting member’s visit to the Club.
  7. For the purposes of these rules, the children of members, who are under 6 years of age (and therefore not eligible to be a member), may come to the Club in the company of the member, without being counted as visitors, but must be recorded, using the Club QR-Check-In at the Main Entrance, using the “Member’s Child Under 6yrs” option.
  8. All other family members, who are not themselves members, are to be recorded as visitors.
  9. Visitors to the Club for a private function will be advised by the Club Caterer, Function8, how to check in.
  10. The visitor fee will be established and published from time-to-time by the Committee. The fee is currently $3.50 per visitor.

(Effective: 19th February 2021)