COVID-19 Vaccination

Submitting Your COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination

Until 15th December 2021 (on current advice), all persons over 16 (from 16th birthday) must be fully vaccinated to enter the Club premises, under the requirements of the current NSW Public Health Order.

All members over 16 must have a PIN to access the Club. If you applied for and received your PIN/fob/wristband for Club access, prior to the recent Club closure, follow the steps below for submission of your COVID-19 proof of vaccination.

If you do not already have a PIN/fob/wristband, you must apply for one, BEFORE we can process you COVID-19 proof of vaccination.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PIN/fob/wristband, go the the Club website homepage ( and click on the menu item “PIN Access” in the blue bar above the photo of the Club.

IF YOU DO HAVE A PIN/fob/wristband, complete and submit the form below to start the process for submitting your COVID-19 proof of vaccination. The process is designed to maximise security of your personal information and ensure you agree to the conditions under which you may enter the Club, if fully vaccinated. Please do not submit your proof of vaccination until you receive an email from, with the subject “HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR COVID-19 DIGITAL CERTIFICATE” inviting you to accept the conditions of entry and to attach your proof of vaccination to a reply to that email. If you submit your proof of vaccination any other way it will not be processed and will not be acknowledged and we cannot take any responsibility for the security of your personal information.