Due to the current COVID pandemic, there are a number of restrictions currently in place at the Club. The following outlines what you need to know:

General Rules

  1. Please don’t come to the Club if you are unwell or have been with anyone who is unwell or have visited a COVID-19 hotspot and have not completed the required quarantine period. Please notify the Club immediately if you have tested positive for COVID-19 if you have been at the Club.
  2. Maintain 1.5m social distancing at all times on Club premises. We will initially be allowing only 20 members into each change room at a given time. There are limited showers available for use in these spaces too.
  3. Members must follow the Covid-19 safe hygiene guidelines. Hand sanitising stations must be used on entering the club.
  4. Members are encouraged to come to the club ready to swim/exercise. Please shower and change quickly and efficiently so that all members can gain access to the facilities.
  5. FROM MONDAY 2ND NOVEMBER access to the Club is by PIN, fob or wristband ONLY. If you don’t use one, you MUST NOT enter the Club. You will be breaching COVID-19 regulations if you do.
  6. All entry to club will be through the main front door and street gate.
  7. Guest Services when on site are not authorised to provide access to anyone or do any manual sign in of visitors or juniors.



Weekdays – 5AM UNTIL 6PM

  • There will be no guest services onsite Monday-Friday. The park side gate will not be open.
  • All entry to the Club will be through the main front door and street gate.
  • Visitors will not be able to swim or use the change rooms.
  • We will ask for members to still bag drop in courtyard but the token system will no longer be in use and we will be relying on members to do the right thing and ensure they don’t exceed 20 in the change rooms.
  • Use the northern beach gate to gain access to and from the beach. You will need your PIN/wristband/fob to open the gate.

Saturday AND Sunday – 5AM UNTIL 8PM

  • We will have a Guest Services person on-site from 6.30am-10am in the courtyard area to oversee the use of tokens to help manage the Club’s busiest time.
  • Entry to the Club will be through main front door or street gate. The park side gate will not be open for use.
  • Bag drop in courtyard with use of token system for change rooms. Use the benches as laid out.
  • No wandering or sitting around the club without table booking.


Weekend Breakfast 7.30 – 10.30AM

  • The Top Room will be open for weekend Breakfast as usual.
  • No Bookings required. First come, first served basis.
  • 18 people in room and 18 on balcony. 12 in downstairs room.
  • Visitors are allowed. Normal visitor rules apply. No more than 4 per member.
  • Enter and exit through Main front door.
  • Members will enter through main door and sign in any of their guests/juniors in the visitors book on the table inside the main entrance.
  • Hand sanitise on entry to club.
  • No wandering around other Club areas.

Functions can be booked via Ben/Function 8 with strict adherence to numbers governed by Covid-Safe regulations.


  • Tables available in three areas – 3 tables for 4 persons in front room, 3 tables for 3 persons on front verandah and 6 tables with 6 persons for back top deck.
    3 time slots available 10.30am to Midday; 12.30pm to 4pm and 4.30pm to 8pm.
  • Tables must be pre-booked on Try-booking. See link in weekly BBC Update email.
  • Proof of booking must be shown at check in with Guest Services.
  • Visitors are allowed. Normal visitor rules, limits and charges apply.
  • Members must sign their visitors into the visitors book inside the main front door.
  • Entry and exit through Main front door only. Use your PIN to access the Club
  • Guest Services table booking phone number is 8002 8036 for your information.
  • Hand sanitise on entry to club.
  • Access to and from the front room and verandah must be through the north side door.
  • No one to use the lawn area on the beach side of the Club.
  • Access to beach will be by northern side beach gate only.
  • If a member of your booking wants to access change room after swimming they must abide by the max 20 person limit in each change room.
  • Front room, verandah and back top deck tables can only be occupied by those on the booking.
  • BBQ’s to be used by one person per table booking. Own BBQ utensils to be used.
  • All furniture, including chairs, to remain in current locations.
  • Courtyard area under Nippers tents is not open for booking or use other than bag drop whilst swimming
  • Members to leave Club through Main Front door.
  • The Club will be closed at 8pm.


  • Weekend swim races have resumed.
  • They start at 7.15am on both days.
  • You need to have signed up for the races through the BBC website portal. For more information please contact the Club Captain, Traicha Jandera on email me


  • At this stage visitors can only be at the club in the Top room for weekend breakfasts or as part of a Table Booking. They can not participate in races or be a casual swimmer using change rooms.
  • They must be signed into the visitor book inside the Main front door.


  • Currently Story Tellers is being conducted via Zoom.
  • Book Club has returned to the Club and you can contact Jenny Hole for more information.
  • Bridge and A Cappella Groups are suspended. Limited yoga sessions have returned to the Club and you can contact the convenors for times and instructions.


  • As changes occur at the club you will be notified via the weekly email that is sent on a Thursday.


We are asking members for a high degree of compliance to the rules for PIN usage. The main area of concern is obviously tailgating. We cannot have multiple members entering the Club as a group with just one PIN. Every member entering the Club must use the key pad for access and must see the GREEN LIGHT GO ON to ensure we have captured your identity and time of entry. We will be using video footage of gates to check on compliance. If “tail gating” occurs the Club will have to revert to limited hours of access as legally, we won’t be able to fulfil the government requirements for contact tracing. ITS ALL UP TO YOU!!


Cathy Mackay