Due to the current COVID pandemic, there are a number of restrictions currently in place at the Club. The following outlines what you need to know:

Stage 2 – Re-Opening

During Stage 2, the Club will be open to:

  • Fully vaccinated members (senior, young adult and junior)
  • Junior members under the age of 16 who are not vaccinated, but these junior members must be accompanied by a fully-vaccinated parent or guardian
  • Fully vaccinated visitors who are attending a booked, catered function in the Top Room

All other visitors are not permitted on the Club premises at this stage.

During stage 2 the following will be open:

Change rooms

  • You will no longer be required to “bag drop” in the Club courtyard, but please use the showers and changerooms as quickly as possible, to minimize crowding. If you prefer to use the courtyard, you are welcome to do so.

Swimming events

  • Commenced on the weekend commencing Saturday 30 October.
  • Junior swimming races will only commence after 1 December.

Athletic events

  • Will commence after 1 December.

Bridge, Yoga/Stretch, Storytellers

  • All other Club activities can re-commence subject to 1 person per 2 sqm.
  • Further details regarding these activities will be circulated in the weekly BBC Update email.

BBQ’s and social gatherings

  • BBQ and social gatherings can take place on the Club premises subject to:
  • 1 person per 2 sqm when outdoors
  • 1 person per 2 sqm when indoors, and masks to be worn when indoors except when eating and/or drinking.
  • Table bookings are not required. No furniture is to be moved.
  • No visitors are able to attend BBQs and social gathering at the Club. Visitors (fully vaccinated) are only allowed at booked, catered functions in the Top Room.

Breakfast in the Top Room

  • Saturday and Sunday morning breakfasts upstairs with Ben re-commenced on Saturday 30 October. No visitors permitted.

General Rules

  1. Please don’t come to the Club if you are unwell or have been with anyone who is unwell or have visited a COVID-19 hotspot and have not completed the required quarantine period. Please notify the Club immediately if you have tested positive for COVID-19 if you have been at the Club.
  2. Members must follow the Covid-19 safe hygiene guidelines. Hand sanitising stations must be used on entering the Club.
  3. Members are encouraged to come to the Club ready to swim/exercise. Please shower and change quickly and efficiently so that all members can gain access to the facilities.
  4. Access to the Club for all members, 16 and over is by PIN, fob or wristband ONLY. If you don’t use one, you MUST NOT enter the Club. You will be breaching COVID-19 regulations if you do.
  5. Junior members under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a fully-vaccinated parent or guardian.



Open everyday – 5AM UNTIL 8:00PM

You must first enter the Club through either of the two street entrances.

You must wear a mask when indoors and it is recommended that you carry with you at all times a copy of your vaccination certificate (electronically or on paper).

Enter your PIN to get access through the entrance gate (please do not tailgate any-one else, everyone must enter using their own PIN). Use of PIN code and Service NSW QR code are mandatory for all members, 16 and over. Junior members without a PIN must be accompanied by a fully-vaccinated parent or guardian.

Use your phone to register using the Services NSW QR Code (this is a legal requirement). QR code panels will be located inside the street entrances. Members under 16 can be checked in as dependents on the Service NSW App.

Ensure 1.5m physical distancing where possible, including using the marked crosses on the benches

Please respect your fellow members and use the change rooms as quickly as possible

NOTE: You will need your PIN/wristband/fob to open the gates, coming back  from the beach.


All areas of the Club premises, except changerooms and toilets are under 24-hour video surveillance.