News – Club refurbishment report

catering2You will recall we have progressively been doing refurbishment works at the club, to ensure we are compliant, and to resolve a number of longer term maintenance issues, most of this work is now complete, and we have received our compliance certificate from Council, which is good news. We have also lodged, and have now received Council approval for kitchen renovation works.

It was our intention to proceed with the kitchen in winter this year, however at our go/no go review last week, the Committee decided to postpone the works until Autumn 2015. The reality is that we are not yet confident that we have the scope and price sufficiently refined, to be ready to commence work now, so it is prudent to postpone the works, to allow it to be planned in detail. I think we can survive in our current form for another year.

My apologies for raising expectations, as many of us were looking forward to a major improvement in the kitchen and top room, however we need to be very confident that this is carried out quickly and successfully-we all know how building projects can go wrong! With no closure for refurbishment, Ben is open for bookings on 0431 727 046.

Rob Johnson President

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