Yes! One of the foundation SOF teams ‘The Mullets’ have thrown out the challenge. Led by their patriarch ‘Big Tony’ their narcissism is unmatched – only Donald Trump comes close.

This is what the SOF is all about – the unabashed swagger of your typical Premier League Football Club supporters. Last year’s winner, Team Neoprene is toying with the idea of rebadging themselves as ‘Mullet Trawlers’ to bring this bunch of burly to the feasting table.

Accordingly we are looking to get all teams in place early this year. The early registration will open up a “Transfer Season” where if you are not happy with your current team or you are looking to strengthen your team there will be an opportunity to get your agent out there to hawk your services to another team or snap up some novices with potential.

Listed below are the teams from last year, listed in finishing order with their Captains. Clive Mancey will be coordinating with the Captains to get their teams in place. Last year’s winner, Team Neoprene, led by the Dark Lord Ross Boakes are already planning their defence to go back-to-back. Captain of the Eels, Chris Webb is plotting the demise of the Mullets and at the same time planning how to seize the ‘Goblet of Fire Trophy’. There is no equal to this quiet, reticent, methodological strategist.

So if you are going to be there for the SOF let your team captain know and if not in a team you are always welcome form your own, join Tim Anderson’s Leftovers or for those coming in from the wild sign up with The Revenants.

Team Neoprene Ross Boakes The Mullets Clive Mancey
Whitewater Helen Kennedy Salties Ken Pritchett
Vice Squad Traicha Jandera Balmoral Tri’s John Simmonds
Paloramas Damon Pal Manly Mob Denise Elder
The Eels Chris Webb Grinners Jack Stenning
Sea Snakes Pauline Nolan Buena Vista Social Club Tony Crosby
The Young & Old Richard Harrison Gerry & the PM’s Gerry Elkan
Bourn Again John Hibbett Leftovers Tim Andereson
The Revenants Terry Carroll

Storytellers – Des Kearney

Caps where compulsory in the 1960s’s L-R: Dick Morath (slightly obscured), Des Kearney (pointing), Lou Morath, Tim Anderson, John Bagnall, Angus McKenzie (behind John), Vin Morath (foreground) – Click image to enlarge.

At the 100th Meeting Karel Moray shared some wonderful stories about her father club legend Des Kearney. This fabulous presentation of anecdotes and insights to the true Des Kearney was followed with a surprise celebration with a spectacular cake and champagne to mark the 100th meeting milestone.

Convenor Clive Mancey with the spectacular cake to celebrate the 100th meeting

The way members have embraced the Storytellers has made it all worthwhile and we all know a little bit more about each other. It’s a fun way to spend an evening being entertained once a month and now helps accumulate some good stories for the BBC Bicentenary publication!

Daughter – Karol Moray

Karel told us how Peter Desmond (call me Des) Kearney was born on 25 July 1917 to Deyra Drummond & Raymond Kearney of Cremorne, Sydney. Deyra was of Scottish background. Des’s father died when he was 2 years old. Deyra, who never remarried, raised Des as a single parent. Continue reading

Storytellers – 16th October commencing at 7:30 pm

Since 2011 the Balmoral Beach Club team have supported the Balmoral Swim for Cancer to raise funds for Children’s Cancer Institute for their research into new treatments for kids with cancer. Together we have raised almost $1,000,000, a phenomenal result that is making a significant difference to moving us closer to curing every child.

On 16th October at our Storytellers evening you will hear more about how our support is driving new research outcomes including the Zero Childhood Cancer personalised medicine program, the largest single initiative ever undertaken for children with cancer in Australia. Anne Johnston, Chief Marketing & Fundraising Officer for the institute will explain the advances being made through Zero Childhood Cancer, the difference this is already making for children with aggressive cancer around Australia, children like Ellie who is alive today because of this program. Researcher Rosemary O’Brien from the Scientific Services team will explain how the ‘engine’ for the research labs comes together to ensure world class research delivers results for kids today and into the future.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about how our funds are supporting this life-saving research at Children’s Cancer Institute and how we are helping to cure every child. It’s not if, it’s when.