Storytellers – 16th May commencing at 7:30 pm


The Camino pilgrimage trail to Santiago de Compostella in Galicia, Spain is the most famous and popular trail walked or cycled in the world.
There are many starting points to this trail from Ireland, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy,etc.

There are also many reasons why pilgrims undertake the very beautiful, arduous and long journey. In many ways it is also a culinary cultural experience.

As BBC members Ron Crause, Philippe Xavier and David Sumner have all done parts of the trail either on foot or on bicycle they would like to impart their knowledge and experience concerning this very valuable experience of a lifetime.

They will cover areas such as the different trails on the Camino, Fitness preparation, Camino packing guide and their personal experiences and observations on the Camino. There will be a Q&A session as well.

So strap on your boots, put on your hat, grab your walking poles and join us in this adventure.

Buen Camino!