Storytellers February 2020 – 115th Meeting

Due to the current Covid-19 isolation rules, the first on-line Storytellers Zoom Meeting was held last Tuesday 21st April.

We had 6 x members (Alan McCartney, Ron Wilson, Heather Curd, Rob Johnson, Dick Morath and Jon Attwater) sharing their photographs and stories of their involvement with the shocking fires that NSW experienced earlier this year and the aftermath. Once the on-line Zoom meeting was promoted, many members indicated their interest to attend and to also learn how to “Zoom” so they could join the meeting. This was rather a challenge, but we got there in the end with a really good attendance. We allowed for 15 minutes prior to the presentations to allow for members to ‘tune in’ and join the meeting. This was very amusing as there was much “Can you hear me?”, “You’re on mute”, “How do I unmute?”. Then once familiar faces appeared there was a chorus of greetings and so on .. you had to be there!

It certainly did not have the atmosphere of the usual meetings held at the club and the presenters had to accept ‘virtual’ applause, however, being on-line allowed for some of our more remote (regional, interstate& international) members to join in the fun too. In all there were about 70 members plus a number of partners listening to the presentations in the comfort of their own homes. They were also generously offered ‘virtual’ tea, coffee, cheese, wine, beers, and popcorn though there wasn’t much uptake!

The feedback to date has been most encouraging to have more such meetings. The technology worked well. The presentations were all well prepared, interesting, and informative, and the photos were graphic. In general, members enjoyed the opportunity to get the BBC Club feel back into the blood! A recording of this 1st Zoom meeting will be made available on the BBC Website shortly.

For those interested this week the ABC’s Australian Story was on Shane Fitzsimmons, giving a great insight to the man, the NSW RFS and challenges of the recent fire season

Available on ACB iView on the link below.

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