Storytellers – Jane Eales – About “Secrets, Spies and Spotted Dogs”

JaneEales-Storytellers-450wWe welcomed Jane Eales to the March meeting of the Storytellers. Jane, a local resident and author of award winning book ‘Secrets, Spies and Spotted Dogs’ provide background on her book and enlightened us on the personal hurdles of discovering at the age of 19 that she was adopted, and the subsequent meticulous research she conducted to uncover her true family history. Jane provided a wonderful insight into the difficulties that surrounded her adopted parents breaking the news to her and the eventual cautious approaches to possible relations. Sadly, she was too late to find her mother alive. Jane’s mother was certainly a formidable character, attractive, a dog lover, a bridge player, and moved in some pretty impressive social circles. Her residence at one time being Ashby Castle. It wasn’t hard to understand how she was recruited as a spy. This chapter of her life will possible reveal more when further information of her activities behind enemy lines is released (currently restricted due to the Official Secrets Act).


Jane showed a number of family photographs and shared a delightful imaginary conversation that she held with her true mother.

A very interesting Q&A session followed. Many thanks to Jane and also to Eve Bagnall for recommending Jane as a presenter to the Storytellers.

Details of her award winning book can be found here on