Storytellers February 2020 – 117th Meeting

The third on-line Storytellers Zoom Meeting was held last Tuesday 16th June.

Once again, we had members tuning in from abroad, this time with Libby Scherrer all the way from Switzerland. Zoom really is a fun way to connect during these crazy days, especially as members are getting more adept with each Zoom meeting.

We welcomed Gabriella Kelly-Davies to the Storytellers. Gabriella is a member and established a BBC Memoir Writing Group about 18 months ago so is well known to many members already. If you should visit Gabriella’s website – you will quickly realise that she knows what she’s talking about!

Gabriella ran ‘storytellers’ as an interactive memoir writing workshop where we learned the top 5 tips for writing one’s memoir. This was a first time for Storytellers – a workshop – and it went really well. Gabriella initially explained the difference between memoir, autobiography and biography, and gave us many tips on how to construct a story:

  • Plan your story
  • What is your goal? – who is the audience?
  • Organise a writing space ..
  • Develop a regular writing habit
  • Use memory joggers, photos, food, smells, music, memorabilia and so on ..
  • Anecdotes
  • Funny stories, sensory detail – lipstick / Chanel 9 that your mother might have worn
  • Write detail e.g. magnolia rather than just write flower
  • Include expressions that characters used to say ..
  • What do you share in your story? Your observations, insights, thoughts and feeling

Rather than share all the tips, I would recommend that anyone considering writing, should pop along to Gabriella’s Memoir Writing Group sessions. Several members of her Group joined in the conversation and provided an insight to their writing progress and spoke about the enjoyment they obtain from the sessions.

Gabriella then gave us all some ‘homework’ and we settled down to write a paragraph or two about our earliest memories, using some of the tips we had just learnt. Everyone got into the spirit of things, put pen to paper and then shared their memories. A fun evening and once again we learnt something new about our friends. Thanks must go to Gabriella who not only knows how to write a story but can motivate others to do the same.

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