In this phase of the re-opening, these areas will be opened in a modified format with restricted numbers and opening hours. The re-opening is predicated on members complying with the Board’s guidelines which are based on NSW Government regulations to ensure the health and safety of all members. It is every member’s personal responsibility to abide by these guidelines.

The Guidelines are as follows:

  1. Please don’t come to the Club if you are unwell or have been with anyone who is unwell and please notify the Club immediately if you have tested positive for COVID-19, if you have been at the Club.
  2. Maintain 1.5m social distancing at all times on Club premises. To enable this and to manage access to the showers for everyone, we will initially be using the Club courtyard for leaving bags while swimming/exercising and only allowing 20 members into each change room at any given time. Approximately half the showers in each change room have been disabled, to preserve 1.5 metre distancing in the shower areas.
  3. Entry and exit will only be from the side gate on the northern side of the Club that Nippers usually use. Alex/Guest Services will be on the gate from 5.45am-9am every day.
  4. Members must check in and out with Alex/Guest Services on entry and exit of the Club for contact tracing purposes. Date, time, name and contact number will be recorded.
  5. Members must follow the CovidSafe hygiene guidelines. Hand sanitizing stations must be used before entering the change rooms and can be used on exit.
  6. Members are encouraged to shower and change quickly and efficiently so that all members can gain access to the facilities.
  7. Please read and abide by the following procedure:


  1. Arrive at Club ready to swim and enter the Club from Northern side gate only.
  2. Check in with Alex/Guest Services. If there are a number of you turning up at the same time please ensure the 1.5m social distancing. Please use hand sanitizer on entry.
  3. Drop your bag/belongings in lower courtyard again abiding by the 1.5m social distancing guidelines. Benches have been positioned to easily accommodate your gear.
  4. Exit the Club at the same side gate to go for your swim or take your exercise.
  5. Re-enter the Club at the side gate and check with Alex to see if there is space for you to enter the change room. If the change room is full you can wait in the courtyard for a space to become available. (N.B. One outdoor shower can also be used)
  6. Once you have been given the go-ahead by Alex, you can then take your bag and enter the change room. Hand sanitizer must again be used on entry.
  7. Inside the change room, please find a place marked by a yellow cross on the benches and proceed with showering and changing.
  8. If you use the wash basins please wipe them over with disinfectant wipes supplied.
  9. When you leave the change room please check out with Alex.
  10. Exit the Club from the same gate you entered on the Northern side.

This next step in re-opening the Club is a trial and we would like to stress that our procedure will be open to change and expansion in the coming weeks once we see how the format works and how well members comply. We have chosen the times of opening based on the most frequent usage of the Club during winter and the initial need to have entry and exit of members monitored. It also enables the Club cleaners to carry out the professional cleaning of the premises each afternoon. It would be great if we could move to a self-regulating and recording arrangement so that the hours of opening could be extended but at present we are taking small steps to ensure that we are operating in line with our COVID-19 Safety Plan. The NSW Government requires Clubs and businesses to complete this safety plan; the Board has finalized the plan for the Club and the plan has guided the development of our procedures. In line with this, we would also like to point out that the COVIDSafe app is available for Australians to download.

We hope you all enjoy the hot showers and the feeling of being inside the walls of the Club again.

Similarly, we hope some of you have already had a chance to visit the Top Room for breakfast. As restrictions have eased and we are getting better at managing the top room in these new times, we are pleased to announce that breakfast in the Top Room on weekends will move back to a first-in-first-served basis.

The room will be open from 8 -10am on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Booking and pre-payment of breakfast will no longer be required. We still have to work with the 4sqm rule which limits the numbers allowed in the room, but if you can’t grab a seat you can wait in the top courtyard area until one becomes available or you can get take-away. You must enter the Club at the main door and be checked in by one of Alex’s guest services crew. Payment will be contactless. Please use the hand sanitizer on entry.

I am greatly looking forward to my first hot shower and I hope to see all of you back in the Club enjoying our amazing facilities.

Stay well and safe

Cathy Mackay